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The igoMANGO Trust has no paid staff or premises and we do not normally directly offer volunteer placements, we prefer to work through our partners. However we typically have several ‘core’ projects with which we are deeply involved, synergies with some of which allow the Trust to operate, financially and logistically. Linkage is usually with Ambios Ltd, the not-for-profit organisation that gave-birth to the Trust. Our core projects are therefore projects of which, at some time, we had a high level of ownership. Two examples are shown here which illustrate this facet of the workings of the Trust.

Project Parlama

Sea turtle hatchery managementIn 2004 Ambios Ltd became involved in sea turtle conservation in Guatemala. That country is near-unique in the world in that the government permits turtle egg collection (for consumption) in return for community participation in hatchery operation to ensure the survival of the species. It is possible that this is a better approach to conservation than the legally enforced ban that occurs in most countries, which in the developing world means ‘business as usual’ outside the areas patrolled by the police. With funding from the European Voluntary Service four community hatcheries were supported by English and Spanish volunteer teams until 2007, when the funding stopped. The project was successful in that our teams became the focus for much wider voluntary participation, and the local communities really responded positively to their presence. With the cessation of funding a group of keen ex-PP volunteers have taken on the responsibility of keeping some level of activity going in Guatemala, and looking for funding. igoMANGO are currently supporting Luke, Rachel, Scott Sarah and Rosie to set up a UK-based community company to support continued volunteer support to Guatemala. The group have fund-raised through igoMANGO, and this year have built a new hatchery in the remote village of La Barrona, and have a small group of volunteers present there. The national newspaper article from July 2010 shown here acclaims this achievement.

Newspaper article

Leatherback turtle lands to lay eggs

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The Sharpham Trust

Sharpham House

Sharpham Trust strives to provide, through the vehicle of the Sharpham Estate on the River Dart near Totnes in Devon, opportunities and educational facilities that encourage:

  • An understanding of the interconnection of life
  • A deep respect for the natural world
  • A belief in learning through experience, creative engagement and enquiry
  • Well-being and sustainable living.

In 2007 the igoMANGO team, through Ambios Ltd, put together a successful bid to the ‘V’ inspired project to run an eco-volunteering project on the estate. This project brings together young people wanting to work with nature, in a tiered system (full-time through to one-day involvement) which has allowed a wide strata of society to get involved. The project also runs a series of satellite projects, manned by the core volunteers, that reaches out into surrounding communities to encourage locally-led eco-volunteer effort.

Push netting on the River Dart Open air lecture on barn owls

The success of the project, and the igoMANGO theme on which the project is founded, has lead the Sharpham Trustees to invite Ambios to continue to deliver environmental awareness and education activity on the estate, after V funding ceases. igoMANGO effort has also secured a substantial funding input to help the natural restoration of Sharpham marsh, a wetland area on the estate that was reclaimed from the estuary over two centuries ago, but is at present an under-utilised resource. Thus a very interesting project based on volunteer effort is developing at Sharpham, and may become a working exemplar of the volunteering principles we expound.

v involved project

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